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New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

29 November 2008

This is the sequel to Twilight.It continues the story left off in Twilight.

In this story, Edward leaves Bella(because he thinks he is causing her harm) and she is like a "zombie" for a few months until she meets Jacob Black again. She also finds she hears a voice in her head; Edward's voice whenever she tries to do something that will cause her harm, warning her not to do it. In order to hear his voice, Bella wants Jacob to fix a broken motorcycle(also known as a bike) because it is reckless and stupid(Before Edward left, he promised her that it would be as if he never existed and in return he made Bella promise that she would do nothing reckless and stupid).Jacob becomes Bella's best friend . But after a while he starts to become strange. Anyway, before that Jacob had told Bella that he would take her cliff diving and Bella decides to do it herself. One of Edward's sisters mistakenly told him that Bella was dead so he wants to kill himself but is stopped just in time by Bella and Alice(another sister, not the one who told Edward the wrong thing)

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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

29 November 2008

A very interesting story about a girl named Isabella(Bella) Swan and a boy named Edward Cullen,including his family.They find they like each other until Isabella discovers he's a vampire(and so is the rest of his family). She still likes him although some people warn her to stay away from the Cullens.However, when she starts getting too close to the Cullens, she gets into trouble when another vampire tries to hunt her. Bella is also almost turned into a vampire(but Edward saves her)After the story ends, there is 3 other books wich continues the story the book ends. I like this story because it is very interesting.