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Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

8 December 2008

Bella now wants to become a vampire but agrees to become one only after her graduation from high school. Edward tells her monsters are not a joke and that a series of killings in Seattle are caused by newborn vampires. She doesn't really care and says that she could go to Antartica with Edward to hunt penguins.But Victoria(you'll know who she is if you read the last 2 books) holds a grudge against Bella and wants to kill her. Everyone including the werewolves(their pack number increased) fight against the newborns and Victoria for Bella's safety. The Volturi(some group that lives in Italy and ensures that there are no vampire wars) come over afterward and kill a newborn that escaped.

Eclipse Book

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

19 December 2008

Bella gets married to Edward(officially. It includes a big wedding party in the Cullens' house) and go on a honeymoon(sometimes i wonder how i can imagine and 'sit" through these 4 love stories). They go to a place called Isle Esme(it belongs to Esme, Edward's 'mother'). They do a few things, and Bella starts needing more sleep(suddenly) and one day feels something nudging her from inside. She thinks she's pregnant(here's where it gets a bit exciting..............and sick). Bella is quickly brought back to the mainland. Her baby(not really a baby) is VERY strong and is hurting her(practically sapping the life out of her). Jacob(werewolf) comes around a few times to visit her. The vampires tell him about how they can't find anything to feed Bella and how the baby seems to be getting more nutrients. Then he gives a suggestion about feeding her blood and they try it.It works. One day the 'baby' is born and Bella is almost killed in the process. Edward is forced to bite her to spread venom into her blood in order to save her. About two days later, she wakes up as a vampire. She is thirsty. She goes on her first hunting trip and after satisfying her thirst, the family also discovers she has very good self-control for a newborn.They decide it is safe enough for Bella to see her baby, Renesmee. Jacob later imprints on Renesmee and makes Bella even more angry by calling her baby 'Nessie' . The Volturi hear about this child and want to kill her( the child is half human and half vampire) but later decide not to. In the end the child survives, and everyone is happy.