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Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz  

29 November 2008

"Alex Rider,Let me tell you how you're going to die."

Alex Rider and his housekeeper(Jack Starbright) get a chance to sneak into Damian Cray's video game show after his girlfriend's summer house gets BOMBED. He suspects Damian Cray has something to do with the bombing of his girlfriend's house but MI6 refuses to believe him. He decides to do it on his own. After sneaking into Cray's factory, Cray wants to kill him by putting him into a realistic version of the game Alex tried out. After he survives that incident, he finds out Cray has plans to destroy the world; in 90 MINUTES!In the end he still manages to save the world(and find out something of his past).

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Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz

29 November 2008

Once stung, twice as deadly. Alex Rider wants revenge.

After discovering a secret from his father's former student, Alex Rider wants to go to Venice. He wants to find Scorpia. He takes the opportunity when the school asks him along for a trip to Venice. Sneaking into a castle using a costume, he tries to find out a bit more about Scopia. He barely escaped the castle though. After discovering his father was in Scorpia, he decides to join it. He is later sent on a mission to assasinate Mrs Jones, and is caught by MI6. He also finds out about an operation by Scorpia named "Invisible Sword"(and manages to disrupt it.........again)