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 Granny the Pag by Nina Bawden

6 July 2009

This book is about a twelve year old girl, Catriona, who lives with her grandmother, a retired psychiatrist. When her parents want to meet her for the first time in her life, she is reluctant to leave her grandmother and friends. Her parents are rich movie stars but do not know what their daughter wants. Eventually the case goes to court, and Catriona and her grandmother win the case, and that means Catriona can stay with her grandmother. Something goes wrong when they are holidaying in Greece, and Catriona's grandmother is almost drowning, because she smokes and her lungs is bad.

This is a very nice book.


The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

6 July 2009

This book is about a few animals. These animals are the main characters, and they are the Mole, the Water Rat, the Toad, and the Badger. Most of this book is about Toad's adventures, and only 2 or 3 chapters and about Mole and the Water Rat.

The book begins with Mole spring cleaning his house, and then he pops out of his hole and walks to the water, where he meets the Water Rat. The Water Rat invites him onto a boat, and they go to a picnic. When they return, Mole wanted to row the boat and it capsized. 

They also meet the Toad, and he is a bit crazy. When the 3 friends go to town, Toad sees a motor car and is obsessed with it. Badger pays Mole and Rat a visit, and tells them that Toad has ordered a motor car at Toad Hall(Toad's house).

Toad tries to drive it, but crashes. Badger, Mole, and Rat "ground" Toad and keep him locked in his room, and work in shifts to make sure nothing happens to Toad. Then, when Mole and Badger are out, and Rat in on guard, Toad makes an excuse for Rat to go out, then dresses up in his clothes and climbs out of the window, and goes to town. From there, the next few chapters of the book is about Toad's adventures.

When Toad returns, Toad Hall is being squatted by weasels and ferrets, and together, the four friends create a plan to get it back.

This is a good book, and long as well.