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Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz

30 November 2008

He's back.

Alex Rider is in hospital after almost getting killed by an assasin sent by Scorpia. He is sent into the ward next to Paul Drevin, son of Nikolei Drevin. When 4 men come to kidnap Paul Drevin, Alex switches the ward numbers and the men take him instead. He is brought to an abandoned building where he escapes just as it burned down. He is later brought to Nikolei Drevin's home(which looks like a castle)to stay for a few days.Then, he and Paul are brought to the island where Ark Angel, a revolutionary space hotel, is about to be launched. Alex finds out Drevin's plans very soon. He is actually planning to bomb the hotel so that when it falls, it lands in Washington. Drevin's assistant says that Alex must go up to stop the bomb from exploding. The mission is successful in the end.

I like this story because it is full of suspense.

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Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz

30 November 2008

Can Alex Rider survive the poison of the Snakehead?

Alex Rider lands in Australia after coming back from the Ark Angel. The army takes care of him, and after that his housekeeper comes and visit him. He is to get a visa before he can leave the country, but they trick him into going on a mission for them.They want him to find out about the snakeheads. He is also given a partner, Ash, and goes to Bangkok with him. At their first day there , they stay in a luxurious hotel. After that day, they stayed in a very worn-down hotel. Soon some people take him to a hospital where some of his organs are to be removed to be transplanted. He escapes by a raft. He finds out about a place from which a tsunami is to be caused. He stops the causing of the man-made tsunami, and also finds out Ash is working for the enemies.

Its very interesting.