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Al Capone Does My Shirt


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Evil Star and Al Capone Does My Shirts

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Evil Star by Anthony Horowitz

5 January 2009

Matthew Freeman(same as the one in Raven's Gate) now lives with Richard Cole and the Nexus(every character in this story is the same as in Raven's Gate) want him to stop a second gate from opening. He has to go to Peru, where he finds the gate. He also finds another one of the five who's called Pedro(orphan with healing powers.)and helps him try to stop the gate from opening. This gate is opened when the stars are in the right place but there is one star missing, so somebody who wants the Old Ones to be free puts a satelite into the right place and the 2 of them fail to stop them from coming out. Fortunately, Matt hurt them quite badly so they won't go around destroying the world immediately.

Al Capone does my shirts by Gennifer Choldenko

5 January 2009

This story is about a boy  who lives on Alcatraz with his parents and his autistic sister(and also near the convicts, of course). His parents want to send her to a special school(it's called Esther P. Marinoff) but that's only for people aged 8-12. His sister Natalie is actually almost 16 years old so her parents try to lie about her age, saying that she's 10 and tall for her age. He tries to get help to send her into the school. So he types a letter to Al Capone, asking him to try to get the principal to let Natalie get in and to ask convict number 105(who tried to get near to Natalie) to stop go near Natalie. A few days later, the principal decides to open another school meant for older children who are above 12. Then when he puts on a clean shirt he sees a note that says : Done

Its a very good book.