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The Midnight Fox and The Eyes of the Amaryllis

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 The Midnight Fox by Betsy Byars

6 July 2009

The story is about a boy who had to go to a farm for the summer holidays because his parents were going to Europe to participate in some biking competition. At the farm, he is bored and thinks he won't enjoy his stay. When he sees a black fox, he suddenly feels that he wants to stay at the farm. Every time he sees the fox, he makes a notch on his suitcase. When his uncle(who owns the farm) wants to kill the fox because it ate his aunt's chickens, the boy tries to stop him.


The eyes of the Amaryllis by Natalie Babbitt

6 July 2009

This is a sort of creepy book, and there's one guy in the book who's......................somewhat a ghost. The three main characters are : Geneva Reade, Geneva Reade(Jenny) and Seward. There are two Geneva Reades in the book, one is an old one and the other is her granddaughter. Seward is the guy who is creepy and ghostly. The book says that he drowned but somehow made a promise to the sea, that in exchange of being sent back up to land, he must return whatever that is important to the sea to the sea. That's why I say he's a ghost.

The best part of the book, I would say, is the part where the hurricane destroyed Geneva Reade's house, as I think that it is so descriptive that I feel that I am in the hurricane, but maybe it is also I have a great imagination.