Alex Rider the Gadgets

Nania: The Magician's Nephew


Maze of Bones Book 1 and 2

Shawdow of a Bull

Mary Poppins

The Hundred and One Dalmations and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

Twilight and New Moon

Raven's Gate and Stormbreaker

Point Blanc and Skeleton Key

Eagle Strike and

Ark Angel and Snakehead

Alex Rider The Gadgets and Narnia TheMagician's Nephew

Narnia The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe and Narnia TheHorse And HisBoy

Evil Star and Al Capone Does My Shirts

Granny the Pag and The Wind in the Willow

The Midnight Fox and The Eyes of the Amaryllis

Artemis Fowl and The Never Ending Story






















Alex Rider The Gadgets by Anthony Horowitz

30 November 2008

This is more of a book for referance and to know about the gadgets used in the seven Alex Rider books but it is still interesting.

Alex Rider The Gadgets.jpg

Narnia: The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis

30 November 2008

When a boy enters his uncle's office with a girl, they get into trouble. Using a ring each, they are teleported into another world. Using another two rings, they are teleported into another dark and eerie world. Hitting a bell, the boy makes a stone woman come alive. Unfortunately she is a witch and wants to take over the children's world as well(she already took over her own world). After entering the children's world, she causes chaos, and the boy, the girl, the witch, a cab driver(drives a horse) and the boy's uncle get teleported into another world(for the boy and the girl......AGAIN!) and witness the creation of it(its a lion that creates it). The cab driver and his wife become first king and queen of this land(Narnia) and the boy's sickly mother gets well.

The first of the Narnia series which is interesting.

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