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 The hundred and one dalmatians by Dodie Smith

6 July 2009

This book is about, as the title already suggests, one hundred and one dalmatians. The main characters are, of course, not the humans but the dogs. They are: Pongo, Missis, their ninety-seven puppies(15 of the puppies are their own, the rest are adopted when they save their owns puppies), Perdita and her husband, whose name is not mentioned. Pongo and Missis hear of the news of their puppies from the Twilight Barking, where dogs communicate. After that, they go to where the puppies are to save them. Along the way, they have some helpful dog friends who give them food and places to live during their journey. When they get to the house that the puppies are in, they discover that not only are there their own puppies, there are 82 extra puppies! Pongo and Missis have no choice but to bring them home.

Tales of a fourth grade nothing by Judy Blume

6 July 2009

Peter earns a turtle at his friend's birthday party, and is happy to get it. His little brother, Fudge, wants to see his turtle and is also very annoying. For example, he destroyed Peter's project.

I like this book because it is funny.There was one part of the book where Peter said that he wanted to get a lock for his room because Fudge destroyed his project. His mother tells him that family members should not lock each other out, and that evening his father came back with a latch.

This book is a bit hard to summarise because it is quite short.............