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Narnia: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

30 November 2008

A few "real world" years after the creation of Narnia(and a few thousand "Narnia" years), another 4 children(Lucy,Edmund,Susan,Peter from youngest to oldest) come to live in a man's(who is the boy in the last book and is now quite grown up) house. They find a magical wardrobe and Lucy enters it into Narnia. She tries to tell the rest but the "portal" to Narnia is only there when they don't expect it to be. They soon enter it and they discover a witch is destroying Narnia, and they are the 4 kings and queens of Narnia and they have to stop the witch. On the way they meet Aslan the lion who created Narnia. He helps them and they overthrow the witch.


Narnia: The Horse And His Boy by C.S. Lewis

30 November 2008

During the rule of Queen Lucy, King Edmund, Queen Susan and High King Peter, there is a boy who lives faraway from Narnia which is south of his home. One day a man comes to his house and tell his father(foster) that he want to buy the boy for a slave. The boy overhears the conversation and escapes with the man's horse who is from Narnia and can talk. The horse brings him south towards Narnia(where he dreamt of going). Along the way he meets a girl and her horse who is from Narnia as well. Together, the four go to Narnia and the boy finds out he is actually a prince.

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