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Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider is back in an explosive new graphic novel...

After completing his first mission, MI6 want to send him on another. It all starts when he discovers a man selling drugs to student everyday at his school. One day, he can't take it anymore and decides to follow that man on his bike. He sees the man go into a small boat. He climbs into a crane and hooks them up and injures them, putting himself into jail. MI6 decide to bail him out on the condition that he goes to the Point Blanc academy high in the French Alps to discover what exactly are they doing there. He discovers the principal of that school is actually making clones of children and returning them to the children's parents instead. After escaping the school and getting help, he returns to school a few days after the end of that accident because the principal asks him there. He finds it's not the principal that wants to see him, it's his CLONE!

A bit creepy.

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Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz

Sharks. Assassins. Nuclear bombs. Alex Rider is in deep water.

Alex Rider is sent on his next mission to Skeleton Key, Cuba. He is assigned with two "parents" so as to be able to get into Cuba. After his partners die, he is left on himself. Being captured by General Alexei Sarov, he discovers that General Alexei Sarov has plans to destroy the world. The general also wants to  adopt Alex. But he is helpless against the general until help comes.

I couldn't put a lot of this story inside here. Very exciting.

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