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Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz

29 November 2008

This story tells of a boy(Matthew Freeman) who posseses weird powers (but can only use them when he imagines he smells/smells something burning, like burnt toast) After breaking into a factory to nick some DVDs with his friend, a security guards sees him and catches him. His friend stabs the guard and later acuses Matthew of stabbing the guard(some friend!)Matthew(Matt) is later send to foster care on a farm. After a few days of being there, he's feels everyone in the town next to the farm(Lesser Malling) is strange. Anyone who tries to help him get out of there is mysteriously killed. He learns of the Old Ones and realises he is one of the five children in the legend. After stopping the people of Lesser Malling from summoning the Old Ones(by a thing called Raven's Gate), he is asked by a group of people(Nexus) to stop some other people from opening a second gate.      

I like this story because there is a lot of suspense.

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Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

29 November 2008

Meet Alex Rider, the reluctant teenage spy.

14-year-old Alex Rider's uncle (Ian Rider) gets assasinated, and left the house to Alex and his housekeeper. One day Alex enters his uncles workplace and gets into trouble. They send him to a training camp where he meets Alan Blunt and Mrs Jones. They are the heads of MI6, a spying company which disguises itself as a bank. They send him for vigorous training so as to go on his first mission. They send him to an island where he gets to use the first Stormbreaker, a very advanced computer built by Herod Sayle.His mission is to stop the computers from being sent to the mainland(they contain a extremely lethal smallpox virus) He suceeded in destroying the   computers before they were turned on. A very interesting story.

I like this story because any secrets are only revealed later in the story(My opinion of this book quite the same as the other Alex Rider books)